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Crown Amp recommendation.


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I have a control4 audio matrix switch (C4-16S2-E-B) . I am wanting to control 6 speakers daisy chained on a 70v system (ie, one output). Does someone know of a Crown amp model that I can use that will work? This is something new to me. I need to be able to control the volume from Control4. I am assuming there is a model that adjusts it’s output based on the input line level being adjusted from the matrix switch?


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Just make your volume control bindings on the audio matrix and leave the crown turned "up" as reasonably loud as possible on the "max" setting. The control4 audio matrix will be the volume control.


A "typical" crown amp packaged with 70v speakers would be the CDi1000. Do note that the inputs are typically 6 pin phoenix connectors on the crown, so you'll want to purchase or make your own phoenix to rca cable.

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