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Two Monitor Video Wall Swap Audio


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Since C4 doesn't have a video wall component I need to program audio swap through Custom Buttons. I can't seem to get it right in my head on programming. 


I have created two rooms; Game Room Left and Game Room Right. Both rooms have Video's Audio End Point as Amp->Room Selection 3 for the overhead speakers.


Instead of needing to switch rooms on my touchscreen each time I want to swap audio I figured I could do it by programming two custom buttons "Left TV" and "Right TV"  on each room will call that zone's audio. 


I can't seem to think of how I can easily swap audio in that room.

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you also could program a toggle using


If current video source is cable box 1

  set current video source to cable cable 2

and vise vers for 2nd source

If   blah blah is cable box 2

   set  blah blah  to cable box 1

Hope this helps

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