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Dead HC-250's ?

StroTek LLC

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Last night sometime two of my HC-250's went offline..and when I checked on them this morning, they were turned off.. both are(or were) powered via POE from a switch on a UPS. I have tried plugging them in using a power cord, but I cannot get either one to turn on.


Did I just get really unlucky and lost two of them at the same time? or is there some magic way to reset them and get them back alive?

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Sorry for digging up an old thread - but this is really bizarre. I have 4 HC250s running in the house and last night 2 have just died in exactly the same way as the OP. The 2 that died were on POE from a netgear GS748TP switch on an APC 1500 smartups. The other two (mains powered) are fine!! All other POE screens, POE cameras etc are also fine that are connected to the same netgear switch.

I am assuming I got some sort of spike over POE that killed my two HC250s 

Has anyone else had their controllers killed by POE? 


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