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Audio bleed-through issue


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I know audio bleed-through during announcements is a long known issue and has been on wishlists for awhile...just checking to see if there has been any rumors about it getting fixed anytime soon. It's probably my #1 complaint with my system since we get a huge blast of music every time someone rings our doorbell.   It startles us every time. 

Has anyone tried a programming work-around for the issue?   I'm thinking to program code to mute the music when the doorbell is pushed, then wait a couple seconds, then activate the announcement (the doorbell ringing).   I know it would delay the ring for a couple seconds after the button is pushed, but that's better than the blast of music we are getting now.  

Has anyone tried this with any success? 

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both i use this also for a camera shortcut on custom button press pull the camera up on the tv in use. second press sets it back to the original source. I have noticed it doesn't seem to start playing content sometimes after switching back

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the snapshot is not able to handle digital media at this time. some of them work some them don't. hence the sonos announcement if you have sonos.


snap shot programming should look like this

set up the snap shot driver for the rooms and features you want and enable the pause play


Trigger event happens

save snapshot

do programming event

recall snapshot

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