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Something overlooked so far is that 2.8.1 now allows for custom icons on all c4z drivers.

The online database already contains a large list of these on release (and for fellow Canadians, this includes Bell Satellite, Shaw Cable, Shaw Portal and Shaw Direct Satellite - checking on Telus - sorry I'm in western Canada so can't speak for other 'regional' providers like Rogers)

This means that developers can now load custom icons for ALL driver types, not just the media_proxy drivers you've seen so far.


Oh and it means the 'dvd' default icon is now a blue disc icon instead!

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Those that changed would have been changed because of the new default icons.

Abilit yto change THOSE will depend on them being c4z drivers, if not - you're 'stuck' with those new defaults.

As for changing them - that is a driver editing function available to driver developers, as is the documentation.

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Driver developers have the tools to upgrade c4i drivers to c4z drivers with new icons.

Unfortunately it is not an automated process and requires an understanding of how to dissect a driver and how to build c4z type drivers. It is a manual procedure and takes quite some time especially for people inexperienced with editing drivers manually.

We have been asked by quite a lot of dealers in the past 24 hours about this quite a bit so we will be offering this as a service for anyone who wants to add icons to their drivers.

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