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Need Help Programming Fan Controller LED's


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I'm trying to program the LED's on my fan controller in my living room. 


The actual fan speeds work just like I'd like, LED is on when fan is on that speed, and LED is off when that fan speed is not on. 

I'd like for the "Fan Off" LED to be lit when the fan is off, and off when the fan is going (this works as it should). 

When "Room Off" comes into play, I'd like for "Room Off" to be the only LED lit (in red) when everything is off, but when something the fan is on, I'd like the LED off. 

Did I just make a simple action/question confusing? I can't attach an image from my phone, I'll keep trying. 

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks Brian. 

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you can set the led behavior on each button 

i would probably set the off button to programmed to get the appropriate led feedback that you want

you would need to put in programming on the fan state changing and when room off happens.

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