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Multi Tuner Updates Per Sirius/XM Merger


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I had my system installed a couple of years ago and I passed on the multi tuner for two reasons: (1) we don't really listen to AM/FM radio any more and (2) the XM add-on wasn't necessary for us because we're Sirius subscribers and we implemented a dedicated DirectTV standard-def receiver to play DirectTV XM stations as C4 "Radio" options.

Aside from the fact that there's no 2-way communication between the DirectTV receiver and C4 (e.g. display artist, song, etc), we've been very happy with the solution. The 1-way communication of simply selecting a station has been sufficient.

Now that the Sirius/XM merger is complete, I would like to formally request an updated multi-tuner and/or updated add-on that can tune to the new Sirius/XM source. Sirius CEO Karmazin said yesterday (7/29) that they are going to introduce new equipment (that can carry both signals) in the next few months.

I know C4's hardware release cycle is slow but I was hoping for some feedback from C4 regarding this issue.


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Any updates on this? Im hearing subs of both sat services say that they get some of the other provider's channels now. How does this work with the XM module? My boss has a subscription to Sirius already, and was wondering if we could use the same subscription somehow with the Control4 piece.

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Sirus and XM are still different tuners (in both the Control4 world and the real world).

As of today - a bunch of Sirus channels are now available to ALL XM tuners - and a few "select" channels (called the "best of") are available for a few extra dollars a month.

All of these work on generation 1 up to the most recent XM tuners.

The same holds true for Sirus.

What's changed is that Sirus and XM have dropped a lot of their duplicate channels and combined them into one channel (why have two different 80's channels - now they're both the same channel being broadcasted on both Sirus and XM tuners).

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