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Door Station Location



I am building a new house and need help with the location of my Control4 Door Station (C4-DSC-EN-VB).  Would you recommend installing the Door Station on the wall with the doors or the short wall perpendicular to the doors?


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the field of view on the camera is awful.  If you install next to your door, it will be very hard to see the person who is standing there unless they take 2-3 steps back.  It is a major shortcoming of both versions of the C4 door station.  

If you put it on the perpendicular wall you will get to see the person from a profile/side view - which is fine, just will someone know to ring a bell located there to ring the doorbell?

I have reviewed a 3rd party product that allows the camera to swivel and move left to right giving you a lot more flexibility with the field of view.  This solved my problem - I do not have the perpendicular wall that you have so I have to install it next to my door.  Only issue is there is not a great doorbell option for this solution - they are working on a firmware fix.  Right now if someone rings the bell you hear a phone ring inside your house, very confusing.  They are updating the firmware to hear a door chime inside, plus the ability to program off the press of the doorbell button (example, if door bell is pushed and alarm is set to away, send photo of person at the door to cell phone - this would need 1 extra driver, but you see the point)


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I have a very similar layout to what you have drawn, only I have a single 8' door with glass on each side. I struggled as well for quite a while trying to decide where to put it and eventually put it where I thought it would be less than ideal because it just made sense and looked the best there. I was surprised that people don't tend to stand facing the door, they instead stand and face the intercom. 

To explain where I put it (my layout is the mirror of yours, where it is open on the left, and wall on the right) I would put it on the sub wall directly left of where you wrote the text "double doors". 

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