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SOLD: Complete Video Storm Netplay HDMI IP system


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System consists of:

2qty  VTX100 Encoders:  These have 4 sources per unit so 8 sources total

10qty VRX20 decoders:  These go at each tv location for the HDMI out to the display.

1qty CMX1616A2: AV 16x16 matrix switch with full DSP audio.  You will need this for audio lipsync correction if you're using a distributed audio system.

Basically, this is a 8x10 video distribution over IP system with a 16x16 audio matrix.

One of the decoders (according to video storm) possibly has a bad SD card in it.   That particular unit reboots quite often, so it's an 8x9 matrix unless you replace the bad VRX.

The system was ordered 8/24/2015 so it's less than a year old.  Video Storm's site states they have a 3 year warranty.  More on that in the full disclosure.  System is about 6 months old.


Full Disclosure:

We are selling this system due to our less than stellar experience with Video Storm as a company.  Our customer spent nearly 10k on the system and VS tech support let us down tremendously.  I will say that Jason at VS is a technical wizard, but when it comes to business practices, they fall very short.  The final straw was when we were sent a $10 starbucks card instead of the micro usb power supply we requested.  For what it's worth, some people swear by their product, and their audio switch is good, but support is everything.  We are electing to go with Just Add Power.  


Video Storm 8x10 hdmi matrix with 16x16 Audio Matrix for distributed audio- Make me an offer.   Not sure what retail is, but I know the customer paid around $10k. A reasonable offer will be accepted.


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20 hours ago, Audio Obsessions said:

What's the problem that you are having, out of curiosity, must be some reason to want to swap it all...

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The system works fine save for one VRX decoder.  With the amount of installs and volume we do, the fact that Video Storm wouldn't budge on a faulty unit infuriated the owner enough to drop them.  The whole thing really soured the homeowner.  The main support guy at VS, Jason  knows his stuff, but we're used to getting some ebb and flow with vendors.  


Possibly have someone taking the entire system, if not, I'll consider breaking it apart.



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