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D-Linlk IP Camera DSC-942L - Programming?

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Dlinlk IP Cameras (DSC-942L)

I have a couple of these D-Link IP cameras dotted around my house.

They have been added & integrated into my C4 system.

I have a couple of questions.

1. There is no image at all showing up when I select Grid View on my 7" In Wall Touchscreen. Instead of an actual camera image, there is just the standard Icon displayed for a camera. However, there is an image when I select the particular camera using the Touchscreen & also when I select the Full screen option. Is this camera incompatible with Control4's Grid View, if so why?

2. From within the Cameras setup, there is the possibility to have Movement, PIR & Sound detection enabled. Can these Trigger Events of movement etc be used by Control4's programming software. I am using the DSC-942L driver as downloaded from this forum?



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i have a dsc-5029l myself and it will give me grid view, pc navi, and mobile device navi views.


unfortunately this is all camera based, and some cameras do not support certain features.

someone correct me if i am wrong.

but the grid view requires a jpeg stream

the flash navi's use mjpeg

and the mobile devices and new TS i believe all use h264.

you can use http://www.ispyconnect.com/sources.aspx to see if your camera has url's for all of these streams.


the driver installed also may be limiting this function.


2. I am not aware of a driver that uses these. I recently installed some hikvision and the driver i do believe it uses theses virtually, but i have not programmed off of them as of yet,

worst case scenario you could run a cable from the cameras alarm io and connect that to a controller and program off the contact closure.

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Thanks Matt for coming back.

When I ran Camera Tests in Composer, all tests passed and were confirmed with a Green tick. I even changed the Test camera resolutions and ran tests again and still all passed without a hitch, but still no Grid View on In Wall 7" touchscreens?

Its a shame the movement sensor features cant be accessed as I could see a scenario of cameras replacing PIRs in rooms.

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