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hello some user request a converter to move driver c4i to the new c4z

we have developed a converter that work for c4i made with wizard driver .

it work only for ir driver but whit some click the driver is converted

you have to select c4i driver .

the program ask you if what found is the correct name

select the icon png file

and ... is done .

please note prior to install the new driver verify with driver editor 3.0 as if some driver works even whit missing parts on old composer

in the new version may not work .

hand made c4i driver may not work for this reason.

price is 20$  ... paypal

web site shop  soon 

at the moment if you are interested please send us email to info@meridiandynamics.com











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hope finaly is correct or please send me the correct text because if not i will ad any small symbol after to make everybody happy!:blink:©™®?!

or i relaplace whit 4Control or contrl4 or C4 or C.ntrol4 or control IV it is easy and not regitrademarketrighted :wacko:


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I was only pointing out incorrect trademark use. I'm not an attorney, so none of my recommendations should be considered as such. You have all the "legal" text about license terms and conditions. Perhaps you could get some legal counsel from those that provided your terms of use. I would suggest a change to your text to match below; however, this is not a legal recommendation--please see your attorney for that. 

NOTE:  This program is created by Meridian Dynamics. This program is not provided by Control4. 

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Now the controlX word is no more in the program and in the installer as controlX may consider it as an advert or a wrong use of its name, we cut the problem at the root.

The legal terms it are standard terms may not be applicable in some region of the world but it is aplicable on other region .

We don't know where! please see your attorney for that  beacuse whe do not have one of it.

We made this tool to help the migration of c4i made by dealer we do not intend to be rich and we are not a public company .

For this reason we decide to ask a simbolic  price to develop it and to provide assistance to who is using it.

If anybody will complain with this again, we will no more distribute it , but we will sell it as custom product made under request with the cost of this kind of service.

Hoping this makes happy everybody we wish to everyone a beautifull day.




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hello alex the driver is a demo

is tested on android

and controlX apliace

and  ControlX for Mac / Windows

test the attached driver is for sky italy we get from an user the use it on apple iphone 6

we don't have apple mobile  apliance to test it  but on controlX for mac  works

please note we know some issue on apple mobile software but this is related on controlX software on apple os

if you decide to buy the tool we will happy to apply any fix on or fix the driver wrognly created buy the tool



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As we see there is not a real interest about we close the project .

For us is a god tool spare time =spare money

I can change icons in less then a minute Whit the tools .

Hope you do a better tools and for free .


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