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DIRECTV C51 & C61k IP?


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11 hours ago, C4CA said:

Thank you, can you elaborate a bit as to how this is done? is there a specific driver?

Yes, there is a directv ip driver that covers many models of compatible receivers - hr24s, genies, genie minis, etc. Documentation tab on the driver tells you how to set it up.

Though lately, I have seen some random power on issues with the ip driver and the new 4k boxes and will probably revert back to IR for now. Its not a driver issue so much as a DirecTV issue itself.

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Same as with the other Genies - some menus like resolution are not able to be controlled by the ip driver because of the way directv's communication works. So if you get into that menu, you lose control of the genie client and have to use the dtv remote to exit or reboot the box to get back. Other times it works great so it depends on what you want to do.

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