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Telephone to intercom

South Africa C4 user


I have been grappling with how to connect our complex main gate intercom to my Control4 system for some time now and recent posts have given me some ideas in this regard.  My proposed solution is as follows and I would appreciate any thoughts / comments on whether this is possible and how to improve the proposal.

We set up 2 SIM cards to ring on the same number (dual SIM I know is possible - I just can't recall if one can set it up so both will ring - I think one can).  The one SIM we put in a GSM unit which I already have and it triggers a Control4 relay and some code (see below).  The other we put in a cheap cell phone and have it auto answer after, say, 2 rings (needs to be long enough to give the GSM unit time to pick up the missed call and force the trigger).  
Next we place the cheap cell phone next to one of my old V2 Touchscreens  in a cupboard out of the way (this would be an expensive solution but I have a couple of spare V2s anyway) and we have the C4 code trigger an intercom session from this Touchscreen to our 2 indoor Touchscreens when triggered by the GSM unit.  Ideally (and I think this can be done) we have the voice come from the spare Touchscreen (it will pick up the sound from the phone lying next to it) and the picture come from a secondary camera (I.e. A camera that we have at the complex gate which is already loaded in C4).
As far as I know all of the above is possible although the only part I have working so far is a GSM unit that triggers C4 code when it receives a call from the phone number of our gate system. Two enhancements that would make this much better (but that I am less sure of are):
1. If we could wire the phone in to the Touchscreen (phone earphone jack) to the Touchscreen mic that would be even better (I don't know if the Touchscreens have a mic in?). Or could we wire it into a controller and get it to play through the intercom or ceiling speakers...
2. If we could treat this spare Touchscreen as a dummy door station rather than a standard intercom that would also be much better as we could then be able to include a custom button that opens the gate... I don't think that can be done on a standard intercom call but may be wrong!
What do people think?
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