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Kwikset Lock turn on lights when door unlocks

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Hi all,

Newbie here. So easy on me since I know this might be obvious. So I have a Kwikset Smart Code 916 lock and everything works as supposed to, lock, unlock with the driver etc., but having issues with the programming so they activate a lighting scene. In Composer Pro, I went to 'Programming' then the 'Kwikset Lock' and then from the dropdown picked 'Unlocked' and then chose them to turn on the Stairway Dimmer Light. Also when it locks I'd like to turn off the lights as well.

Also, on the Navigator 'Security' is not showing up so I can lock and unlock from the navigator :/.


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In programming window select the lock on the left side and then click on the unlock button below. From right side window select the light you want to turn on. Then bottom righ click the button to select light on. Then grab the green arrow between upper and lower windows on right side and drag and drop in middle programming window. Do the same for the lock feature except select light off. 

Refresh navigators to get security to show up. 

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Thanks Jillmark99, I was able to read the documentation for the Kwikset 916 and added in the Door Lock and binded them together in the relay connections. I then went to 'Programming' and went to the 'Door Lock' and then selected 'When the Door Lock is locked' and I dragged in the light action as you suggested. It's now showing up on security on the navigator but the light won't turn on when the lock is unlocked, etc.

See attached



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