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Has anyone upgraded or even used the new qmotion zigbee motors they are now selling? The RF technology is junk (my opinion in a larger real life home install) and just want to make sure the zigbee option is a true 100 percent working product. Hopefully someone has been that test dummy. Ha. Anyone with any positive or negative feedback? Thanks

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I already have a dozen or so QMotion shades and need a couple more.

Was thinking of getting the new Zigbee versions for the new ones.

Are there any issues with mixing the old RF technology ones with Zigbee?  

Do the new blinds show up in the C4 UI in the same way as the old ones?  

Is programming in C4 going to be any different?

Any reason I should not get the new Zigbee versions?


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I have a project where we have a mix and match of the zigbee as well as the qconnect. No issues combining the two.

The zigbee blinds use the dimmer light proxy as well to allow you to set a certain percentage of close.

We just installed 4 more battery zigbee shades at a different house today, went great. I'm looking forward to the single cat cable versions as well - power and control over the cat and a single hub for up to 8 shades if I recall. Saw it at CEDIA last year but haven't had any projects for them yet, mostly retrofit battery.

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