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Access to DirecTV "Playlist"/DVR List


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Before I had C4, I wrote a program that turned on the TV and started the nightly news which was recorded on our DirecTV Genie DVR. The DirecTV Genie still shows up as a DLNA server on my network but I have, sometime over the last 2+ years, lost access to the "Playlist" (recordings) via the network.

Is there a way in C4 to use one of the custom buttons on the remote to accomplish the same thing? I'm not sure what the DirecTV driver is capable of doing. If I gave one button access to the news back to my wife, it might turn off the "we used to" nags. It would help, at least.

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1 minute ago, msgreenf said:

you can get close...but actually selecting a recorded program.  You can program one button to turn the TV (or even a scheudle) and tune to a channel.

Yep, I got that already but it gets buried in the playlist when she goes to watch it after the prime time recordings. Oh well.

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Holy cow, not that anyone cares, but I'm proud of myself for figuring this out. So therefore I must post. :)

DVR, Hyphen, Down, Enter, Down 5, Enter, Play

DVR, Options, Sort By Category, News, Play the most recent in the list. 

This even works better because she records one weekday news channel and a different one on weekends. This plays the last recorded news regardless.

I copied it and sorted by sports and it plays the last game recorded.

"Alexa, turn on the latest bad news" "Alexa, turn on the latest game"

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