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iPort LaunchPort and Countrol Mount Question



I'm doing a new build, and the electrician will be doing his thing probably around the end of next week. 

I've purchased two iPort Control Mounts, and one iPort Launchport Wallstation. Obviously I want to run the all cables in wall back to my equipment area.

The wiring guides are mostly geared toward retrofit, and I'll admit I know almost nothing about electrical stuff. After doing some research myself and coming up short I reached out the iPort support and was told the following:

" The iPad in the Bezel can be powered directly by the stock iPad power supply (short distances) with a standard 24v power supply directly to the Splitter or POE from a POE switch or router. If you want, you can supply power over simple CAT5 or CAT6 connections to a POE switch or router. "

As long as I understand that right, the control mount is easy enough. Run a CAT6 from a POE switch directly the to the the control mount. Everything is included for the control mount side, nothing extra to purchase.. easy enough.

Now for the iPort Launchport Wallmount I got the following:

" LP requires more charging current than CM so if your Wall Station is more than 30 feet from the power supply, you will want to 'double'up' on the conductors. LP only needs 2 wire connections--one for +15v and one for ground. You can twist all the solid color wires together for +15 volts and the stripe colors for ground. Then you can have up to 100 feet of wire between the Wall Station and the power supply. "

This is where I'm lost (with my next to nothing knowledge of electricity).

From the research I've done on my I own, I think I need to run a CAT6 from a POE port into a device like this (https://www.amazon.com/WT-GAF-12v12w-802-3af-Splitter-Ethernet-Switches/dp/B017J8WJ5E/ref=pd_sim_107_3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=52VH87J2CY8D0QGYQGQ7) to make sure it gets enough power to support the Launchport, and then split the wire pairs of the CAT6 into two sets and terminate those in a phoenix connector which will then plug into the Launchport.

Anyone out there have experience with these? I want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Especially is I need to buy any devices or gadgets that were not included with the product so I can order them now so I'll have them when the electrician finished and it's time to run the low voltage wire.

As far as the the Launchport, is that something I could have the electrician do a simpler way while he is running his stuff?

As always, thanks for your expertise!

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Use Cat6 for the Control Mounts and patch that Cat6 on one end to the POE switch and the other end into the supplied POE splitter.  You will use the included charging cable for the Ipad to plug into the POE splitter.

Use 18/2 cable for the Launchports.  One end will terminate into the phoenix connector on the wall plate, the other end will just be wire-nutted to the included power supply and obviously plugged into 120V.

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