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streaming audio from multiple sources





I am new to control4 and I am thinking about installing a system in my new home.  I will have 8 separate zones and I want to know if it will be possible that each of my kids will be able to stream their own music from their iphones / ipods to their room at the same time.

I was reading some of the treads but I was confused by the answers.
My idea is to have a 16 channel amp so i can feed the 8 zones and the music will always come from and iphone or ipad.

My other question is, can you play the same source on multiple zones at the same time like for a party .. let say you would want the same musinc coming out in zones 1 2 and 3


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The audio streams come from the controllers. 

The numbers in their model names are roughly how many streams are available (but some might have to be converted).

EA-5 has 5 total audio streams available.

I would say it's highly unlikely you'll ever have 8 zones active at once, so the EA-5 is sufficient for your needs most likely.

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