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WANTED: Composer Home Edition Software


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I forget, does Composer HE license also run for a year, or is it a perpetual license and at the end of a year I'd just need to buy another 4sight subscription?

My 4sight will run out soon . . . can I buy another year separately?


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OK - slightly off on the info...

Composer HE is $149 and it comes with a year of free upgrades as well as 4Sight access (again for a year).

At the end of a year, BOTH expire. You can, however, continue to use Composer HE, but you will no longer receive free updates for it (for example, if your subscription expired today, and tomorrow 1.7 comes out - you would NOT be able to configure any new features or new hardware with Composer HE 1.6).

There is no "upgrade / renewal" cost - it is the same each year... that is $149.

Hope that helps explain it better.

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