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Remote Finder Based on Room


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I setup an experience button that starts the beep on my 260 remote and then stops the beep when selected again.  At present, I only have one instance of the UI button....  I would like to use this single instance to trigger the beep for a remote based on the room where the button was pressed...


For example,

IF UI button pressed (activated) in living room, start living room remote beep

ELSE IF UI button pressed (activated) in bedroom, start bedroom remote beep


Is this possible?  Or am I over complicating things and should have a separate UI button instance in each room that directly corresponds to a single remote?




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I do it almost for every project. you can do custom button for each remote and apply for each room or you can do scroll menu with buttons and make it visible in every room.

some small problem, you can do only 6 buttons (6 remotes attached) for one scroll down menu.

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