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Composer beginner questions


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HI all

Just got composer HE and trying to get the lay of the land. 

A quick question: where do I find the existing/previous programs or scripts that were created by my dealer to control things like what happens in my living room  when the "room off" button is pressed?  I was hoping to make a revision to have another device turn off when the "room off" button is pressed rather than writing a whole new script.


thanks in advance

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Hello, you are going to find that it is easier than you are thinking.

Start with clicking on programming tab on bottom left.

Then in the left column is the events.

Select the room name you want to program off of. By default "When room turns off" is already selected.

Next, on right column in actions, select the device or room and there are two tabs about mid right side. Actions and conditionals.

Happy Automating!

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So the existing scripts should already be there or do I need to load something to see them?  Because I don't see any scripts that control "room off" for my living room entertainment system despite the fact that pressing the room off button does turn most things off for me. 

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