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Changing LED lights based on Video Input


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Complete noob here and just starting to get my feet wet with programming

I am using the Domaudio LED driver and love it, I have LEDs backlighting my screen and around the tray of my theater room, my goal was to change the color of the LED lights as my video source switches. I have a Vanco 8x8 HDMI Matrix (IP driver)

in troubleshooting I set my theater lights above/below 50% just to TEST that my code was sound, and that works. If my lights are low I get red, if they are high, I get green, so I know my Macros are programmed correctly to fire the LED light color

When I put in the conditionals for my Matrix it doesnt "hit" on them and just goes to Purple. Almost as if its not reading the proper values from the Matrix. I added a delay up to 20 seconds to see if maybe it just wasnt registering as quickly as the video selection changes but no luck, Any ideas?



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