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Hi there,

I upgraded my house to a HC-300 with old HTC's and one old media controller. Should I be able to do the 1.7 upgrade with no issues? I remember going from 1.3 to 1.6, I had to buy an HC300 to fix a lot of issues.

What will 1.7 have? ...

Any help is appreciated.

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So back to my question... if I have 1.6 ... or 1.7 .. and only one HC300 and I get the NetGear Media Device, I should be able to stream video to different locations...from the netgear device, even though I have old HTC's that are 100MBit?


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The Control4 system doesn't do the media streaming, it just controls the 'video player' device.

The 'netgear device' doesn't stream the media, it is an *endpoint* for streaming media. The hard drive where the video is stored is the *source* of the same media.

It's very similar to how audio distribution works currently in a Control4 system. The audio is stored somewhere on the network, the Control4 system indexes the audio and lets you manage the audio. The audio is streamed from the network to an audio endpoint (in this case, to a Control4 controller or SpeakerPoint), which plays the audio.

The only difference is that the video endpoint in this case is the Netgear EVA8000.

The streaming and whether it will work properly depends on having:

* Files that are compatible with your video end point

* Video storage that is fast enough to stream the video

* A Network that is fast enough to stream



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