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Status of Timer


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Where does one look in Composer HE to see the status of a timer (not just start/stopped, but how much time is remaining).  I'm trying to come up with a scheme to turn off my basement lights if there has been no motion after xx minutes and would like to see if the triggers that send a "reset" timer are working.

Related to this, what is the best way to start the timer based on a light going on without using a keypad.  There are lots of different ways the lights can be turned on down there (many keypads all over house), so I want to start the timer when "Basement Hall is on"

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there has been a few topics on this but, the best way to program a room based on motion is

When motion is detected

           turn on light

              stop timer


when motion is not detected

             reset timer


when timer expires 

                 turn off light


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