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How to select a "listen" item/driver of a room that just had audio changed


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Hey Msgreenf,

Thank you for replying. 

I'm using a Mirage Media Server and the system requires a couple of drivers to function. There are service drivers which represent the streaming services the MMS uses and there are instance drivers which represent the outputs on the MMS. 

Currently, when you use Navigator, you select your room -> Listen -> a MMS streaming service -> then you select your content. The instance driver then populates content but my panel stays on the service driver. I want to create some sort of programming that once music is changed, Navigator will go to the selected instance driver. Hopefully, the images can help with what I'm trying to explain

Navigator Pic 1.pngNavigator Pic 2.pngNavigator Pic 3.pngNavigator Pic 4.png

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