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2 way lua drivers availabe for Video Storm video/audio matrix switches


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We have just finished the field testing of the LUA drivers for our CMX series matrix switches.

Why is this exciting?

These are the first full featured C4 LUA drivers available which support all the features of the AVproxy

* Supports independant audio and video switching

* Supports digital audio transcoding

* Supports all the volume control features built into Navigator (ramp/pulse/mute/etc)

* Supports full status readback with auto proxy notification

* Supports zone powerdown

* Supports input audio equalization

* Remote debug and diagnostics

You can currently find the new drivers on our website. They will be loaded into the C4 online database in about a week.

About the CMX series:

4x4 to 16x16 complete matrix solutions

All the channels you need

Component video (tested to 1080p)

Composite video

Digital audio coax

Digital audio toslink

Analog audio (with full input & output volume control using Burr Brown amps)

Designed and built in the USA

Excellent dealer margins, low MSRP

Full integration with C4 systems


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Hi Ryan,

Any update on when the C4 connector pathing algorithm will improved to understand the digital audio conversion (coax <> toslink) capabilities in a matrix switch? I had explained the issue to Eldon and later heard through the grapevine that it might be fixed soon.

Right now our solution is kind of a work around :)

Once this gets fixed I'll upgrade the driver to allow independant switching of all signal types.

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