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a bunch of different stuff for sale

Kevin L

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hey everyone

just have some misc inventory that i need to get rid of.. not sure if anyone could use it

all items are brand new unless otherwise listed in bold

(2) Sony 777 dvd changers in silver. used but in excellent brand new condition.. send offers.

(3) Ethereal ESP3014 14 outlet surge protectors. Very nice.. $40 each

These are all VERY NICE quality cables

(9) Ethereal EHT-D1 1M Digital Coax $7 ea

(7) Ethereal EHT-D2 2M Digital Coax $9 ea

(4) Ethereal EHT-D3 3M Digital Coax $12 ea

(3) Ethereal EHT-CV3 3M Component $24 ea

(4) Ethereal EHT-CV4 4M Component $28 ea

(4) Ethereal EHT-S1 1M Svideo $8 ea

(5) Ethereal EHT-S2 2M Svideo $10 ea

(1) Ethereal EHT-A3 3M Analog Audio $12 ea

(3) Ethereal EHT-T1 1M Optical $12

(1) Altona 4x2 HDMI switch. the 2 hdmi outputs are the same not separate $299

(1) Altona 4x1 Component switch. 4 in 1 out $99

(2) Monster Cable Monsterbass 300 subwoofer cable 6ft $18ea

(2) Monster Cable Monsterbass 300 subwoofer cable 12ft $24 ea

(1) Monster Cable Monsterbass 400 subwoofer cable 12ft $35

(1) Monster Cable Video2 Component Cable 2M $25

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