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Web URL to use to show IP camera image as doorbell notifier?


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I put in an IP camera into a demonstration we have set up in our shop, and I wanted to make it so that when they push the doorbell, a notification comes up saying that someone is at the door, and a picture comes up from the camera. The IP of the camera is and the URL to monitor it live is but when you put in an HTML link it gives an error message. is there a way to just get C4 to retrieve one picture and show it, or is there some way to modify the URL to end in .jpeg and get it to just retrieve one picture?

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You can't put the URL to page that gives the image - you have to put the entire URL to the jpg!

So would be what you'd put in your camera driver.

Then your announcement agent will just call the camera.

If you can't get it working in your camera driver - it won't work in the announcement.

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