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This is a take-over job I'm doing. It was started by two different guys before me, and I picked it up and started the Control4 in the fall of 2007. I've got some before/during pics. Always a work in progress, I will continually edit this first post with the most recent information. This will also be a featured project on our website, www.thesohoshop.com

System version

Control4 Equipment:

5 Dimmers

2 Switches

2 2 button keypads

3 HC-300s - one in the bar as the master, all services enabled. Two in the house, both running navigator, one running zserver.

1 HC-200 - barn zigbee

4 speakerpoints - patio speakers on the bar, porch, master bedroom and master bath in ceiling speakers in the house.

4 v2 remotes

1 iPhone app


2 button keypad

2 dimmers

Samsung BD-UP5000 HD/Blu-ray combo player

*HR20 directv

Denon 2308CI

Key Digital 4x2 component switch


Sony 777ES

Netgear 9150HD


*Yamaha HTR 5650 - exercise room

*Samsung Rear projection 720p - exercise room

*Samsung 50" plasma


*Panasonic DVD/VCR combo

Neopro Borrego 8x4 matrix

*Directv HR-21

*Directv H20

Card Access contact switch, external antenna, wall powered

*Denon AVR 1908

Netgear ReadyNAS Pro Pioneer

Master Bedroom


2 button keypad

*Samsung 720p rear projection


*Pioneer 50" 720p commercial plasma, no control

Dining Cans dimmer

Stair light dimmer


3 Panasonic IP petcams


2 switches

Wireless 5GHz 54mbps bridge from house to bar via GNS wireless 1806 kit

Wireless 5GHz 54mbps bridge from house to barn via GNS wireless kit

House system via satellite internet

* indicates existing equipment

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Found some on my phone.

Here's some beginning pics. You can see the coax cable used for component runs in the bar that were bent at 90* angles. I replaced this with minirgb 3 conductor and compression fittings.

A before and in progress pic of the wall next to the equipment closet in the bar.

The last pic is a view of the existing "rack" in the house as I'm doing the first c4 install. Eventually there will be some Middle Atlantic roll around racks up there.

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GL... (I hate those jobs... fixing someone else's mess that is)

BTW, that silver H-20 on the top was recalled some time ago. It overheats like crazy and cooks the access card to a perfect golden brown. Direc will replace it with an H-21 for free.

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Really.... that's good to know. Actually have two of the H20s and two HR21s at this site. Would like to replace three of them with the nice shiny black ones (I left directv for one reason out of others, that they wouldnt let me buy a black receiver ...wtf?). I am disappointed that they took out the OTA HD tuner though.

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Oh also, the new Direc receivers have serial control through the USB port on it. Saw it on a service call a few days ago with a Crestron system. Flawless operation with a USB to Serial cable.

(oops... I said the "C" word)

Edit: oops, I meant RS-232 not serial... wut-ev :)

2 oops'es in one post w00t!

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Ok, here are some DirecTV tips for ya.

First off, 1-800-531-5000 works WAY better than 1-800-directv.

Next, when the automated system asks "how it can help you today", say "add new receiver". That puts your call in a status of 'hey, their adding boxes' and instead of being thrown in the 'hold cue', you will have a live CSR on the line in less than 10 seconds. (go figure)

At that point you'll need to argue your case that you have a 'bad' or 'recalled' box. The easiest way to convince them of this is to say that you have taken a box from another room and put it in place of the defective one, and seen it work perfectly. You can get ANY box replaced like this (even if it's not defective). They will ship you a replacement, and they will be the new shiny black ones :)

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The 9150 was loved, so we are buying a second. Streaming DVD .iso files over the wireless bridge was smooth so that's a great feature. Will be testing blu-rays this weekend. Having issues with 1.5TB samsung drives in the ReadyNAS pro pioneer, so RMA'd all six to newegg and bought 1TB server drives instead.

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I thought the ReadyNAS doesnt support 1.5TB yet...?

But it does, as long as they meet a certain revision.


All of mine were "correct", though come to find out, Seagate does not recommend them for use in RAID.. in fact, none of their drives are unless they are the NS series of drives. Netgear recommends Seagate, because they have a partnership, but the only thing about that partnership is that it makes RMA'ing the drives easier. They could give me no technical reason why I should choose Seagate over WD, Hitachi, Samsung...

Anyway, I ordered Seagate ST31000340NS Barracuda ES.2 (32MB Cache) drives and they should be here today. We'll see how that goes.

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Was working out there yesterday, got the bridge to the barn installed and the cameras up and running. Also installed the second Netgear 9150 in the house and the NAS with the new drives seems to be much more stable. Control4 for some reason, even though the lookup is fine for the dvd .iso files, didnt want to save the coverart with the file, meaning I got the coverart and all the information in the search, but the image wasnt saved only the text. It worked fine earlier as it got coverart for about 5 movies before deciding to quit. Even manually pasting image from the clipboard wouldnt stick.

Anyway, playing two dvds from the NAS worked great, and even the same file at different points. The 9150 remote driver could use some polish. Was raining pretty hard but managed to get everything done...

Get a text from the customer this morning saying that lightning struck one of his chimneys at around 2:30AM this morning. Seems the devices on the bigger ups held, but the smaller one did not, we believe taking his desktop pc and the router with it (due to physical limits the router was on the smaller ups). Also a card access contact switch with external antenna and one dimmer in the master bedroom seem to have been lost. I'm going back out tomorrow afternoon to asses the damage.

Lightning conductors to the ground on your chimneys do help, and a good UPS is worth it's weight in gold!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, finally got all the gear replaced last week. His desktop PC was fine, the modem was fine, but router was dead. One port on a switch was dead (plugged into the router). One access point for a bridge was dead, and one port on another bridge's access point was dead as well. Replacing the router, access point, moving the cable to the second port on the other access point, and the switch put everything back in business.

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