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I am planning on converting my HDBaset matrix to a Videostorm Netplay system. I have a couple questions hopefully other C4 users might be able to help with around ARC.

Very simply my system is a living room with a centralized 5.1 amp, media room with a centralized 5.1 amp, 2 other rooms with TVs and 2 channel ceiling speakers run by a C4 AMP and then various rooms with speakers only in the same C4 AMP.

I plan on connecting TV's using Amazon Fires. Can someone confirm how this would work with audio return. From what I understand the Netplay app runs in the background? Does it pick up the ARC channel from the HDMI and cast it into the manager as needed? Also what if the TV doesn't have ARC over HDMI, are there options?

For example when watching standard over the air TV I want to cast the audio back to a 5.1 channel AMP in my distribution rack. With Videostorm I assume I would need a decoder for each amp in my rack.

Based on the above I have 2 dedicated amps which makes sense to get 2 HDMI decoders but then I also have a 8x8 C4-16AMP3-B matrix for various room speakers. Can I modify the C4 matrix to work or am I better to scrap it and upgrade to a videostorm amp matrix.


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HDMI ARC and Control4 do not get along. There's no way to configure bidirectional HDMI in a control4 system.

You would be better off using centralized sources with MOIP or an HDBaseT video matrix, or getting sources local to each room (like a Roku, best media player integration with C4) and then forgetting about distributing those sources.

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Do you have spare wire at your TV locations??  Using just the Fire Sticks will not get you ARC anything.  You would have to use the audio output of the TV and send that audio back to your amps/AVR's.

Remember that when using IP based distribution, it will add latency to the live sources.  Read through the Netplay Home pages on VS website.  He explains all of this really.  You either use a centralized audio switch with built-in/outboard audio delay or you have local amps at each location.  The decoders will time align A/V at its output.


Based on what you wrote, spare wire at the TV locations would be your best choice for keeping your existing products.  But the best implementation with centralized sources, would be to either have an audio switch with built-in audio delay or get an outboard audio delay box or a DSP.

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