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I'm a HE user and I'm doing some expirements with integrating Google Home to trigger actions in C4.  My first thoughts have been to define some scenes (advanced lighting) in Control4 which have programming behind them to perform any actions as necessary.  For example I have three scenes "Watch Apple TV", "Watch Foxtel", "Turn off TV" which do the necessary steps in C4 (tested successfully).

My Google Home has been linked successfully and I can turn lights on and off etc.  However it seems very fussy when starting scenes. 

  • "Hey Google Start Scene Watch Apply TV" works fine - good start.
  • "Hey Google Start Scene Watch Foxtel" never worked.  Instead I got this working by renaming the scene to "Watch Cable TV" and then "Hey Google Start Scene Watch Cable TV" works fine.
  • "Hey Google Start Scene Turn off TV" doesn't seem to works.  I've also tried a bunch off combinations and they all don't seem to work (all get the message from Google that it doesn't understand what I want).

It seems to me Google gets caught up on some of the key words and doesn't recognize that they are just scene names.  Does anyone know if there a better way to be doing this?  ie. some way to make Google Home realize it is just starting a scene from the C4 link.

Also the only way I seem to be able to get Google Home to pick up new scenes (and name changes) are by unlinking and relinking the accounts.  Surely there is a better way than this?







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for your last question there is a button under the actions tab of the google assistant driver called sync with google, that should make google pick up new scenes without unlinking/linking.

I haven't played around in voice scenes with google home enough yet to help out with the rest of your question, have you tried saying "turn on *scene name*" instead of "start scene..."?

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I recently upgraded to 3.1 motivated partly by wanting to use Google Assistant.

Thepritch88 is correct, that you have to start by saying "Turn on" to activate any given scene.  Cumbersome, but it works.

I created two G.A. Voice Scenes to open each of our garage doors (which I have programmed to also unlock the door to the house, and turn on selected lights), and ended up naming the Scenes "Garage Number One" and "Garage Number Two."

These can be activated by saying "Turn On Garage Number One" and so forth.

The really cool thing for me, is that I use Android Auto in my car, so when I'm returning home, I can just say the command, and all 3 actions will take place.

I didn't use the 'Sync' Action, and when I'm in Google Home, I just select the option to 'Discover' and it finds them.

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