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Requesting estimate to do a remote update of an HC800 from 2.8.2 to 3.X


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I've got an HC800 running 2.8.2 that I'd like to get upgraded to 3.X. I'm requesting rough estimates for a remote upgrade - please specify if the estimate is in USD or CAD (I'm in Canada).

The red-button UI is configured to display on the living room TV at the moment, but we never use it so it can be deleted.

I have a bunch of Sonos devices but we always control things via the Sonos app. The Sonos involvement of C4 is mainly some programming on keypad buttons to start a zone playing a streaming radio station. The main thing it looks like I'll have to give up is the old Sonos announcement capability - I'm currently using it to play a doorbell sound in certain zones without killing the current audio source.

I don't have any C4 touchscreens, just Android devices and a bunch of SR-250 remotes.

Feel free to post publicly or DM me with a price if you're able to help out.

Thanks in advance,
Eric in Ottawa

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Thanks to all who responded - I've got an upgrade scheduled for tomorrow morning.

For others who are facing the same thing: I had several choices of remote programmers - all seemed great and all were pretty close in the hourly rate. Don't hesitate to do the same thing I did if you're finding that your local dealer is too slow to respond or too expensive.

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Hi Eric, thanks for the useful feedback. It's always difficult to know where to pitch the pricing of remote services. In some ways they can be easier as you are doing from the comfort of your home or office but in other ways it can be complex and difficult resolving issues if you are not in front of the equipment.

If you don't mind, could you PM me with more personal feedback on  my rates etc.

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