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Actions panel on Composer HE not responding


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I am unable to program my keypads anymore :(

... I can log into Composer HE and view the current programming assigned to keypad button, and I can also press the Execute button at the top of the screen to execute, but the entire right hand Actions panel is unresponsive... I can't scroll through the Devices tree, and the Commands and Conditionals tab are blank and cannot flip between them.  In the middle Script panel, header says "Read only" (not sure I have noticed that before tbh) and the small green horizontal arrow on the left of each programming line is greyed out.

Anyone know what the problem here may be?  I have successfully programmed lots in the past.  I recently updated to a new EA-5 and am running v2.10.2 (have tried older HE versions too)

Thanks vm..

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Thanks @msgreenf, but I cannot find a link anywhere on my account. 

The most I can see is the When > Then area which shows are the programming (but it's all locked as dealer only), and then there's a link in the My Account > User Devices > Desktop stating "Download the Control4 App - PC/Mac".  When I download this, I get a .air file which I have never seen before (am assuming it is an Apple format). Then I have had to download an extractor (7-Zip) to extract, but there are no executable files in the resulting files.  All seems very strange so perhaps I have got it all wrong.

Anyone able to help further?


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I still cannot find Composer HE :(.  The only drop down I can find is for Media Composer


On my account, I have 5 buttons at the top of the screen..

'My Account' - sub-sections are User and 4Sight

'My Profile' - sub-sections are User and Permissions

'User & Devices' - Users, Devices, The Control4 App, and Desktop

    This Desktop section states: "Control4 MyHome for PC or Mac is an optional, licensed software application that allows the homeowner to use their laptop or desktop computer as an interface to manager a Control4 system. Beginning in April 2013, new systems include a license to use MyHome apps. Use your Control4 account email address and password to connect the software to your system. If you purchased before April 2013, please contact your Control4 Smart Home Pro to make sure you have the necessary license".  

    It has one button for 'Download the Control4 App (PC, Mac).  When I click this, I download the .air file

'My System' - My Controller, Composer Media Edition, Backups

    There is a drop-down for the Composer Media Edition - but this is just for Media Composer - control media but no programming

'Smart Home Pro'

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