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Upgrading Broadband Router


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Hi Forum. Looking for some direction. Am a newbie to this forum, although have had a fairly basic Control 4 implementation for the last 3 years or so. 

Is there a DIY process i can follow to upgrade my Broadband router without impacting the wifi repeaters and the network C4 manages. I am sure the network ID and the password will be changed when i plug in the new router. Worried if i do that, it will upset the current configuration of the C4 system. Before i proceed down this path, is there a Best Practice process from a DIY perspective? Or do i have to engage the dealer? I am fairly technical, but will have to brush up some of the IP address configuration knowledge, but should be able to follow well defined instructions.

Current router is a virgin Superhub 2 I believe (got it installed September 2016) and looking to replace it with a V6 router (Dec 2019 Model).

Any help and tips would be most welcome. 

Many thanks.

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As you are clearly a UK user and using Virgin media broadband services, I also am based in the UK, my recommendation would be to get a good quality third party router to manage the network and put your current Virgin router into modem mode. This also means that when you get your new Virgin router, it also just needs to be put into modem mode and your main network running off the third party router will be unaffected. 

I would generally recommend the Draytek 2862 wired only router (along with multiple separate wireless access points for Wi-Fi) this is what we install on most jobs. Most ISP supplied routers are just not good enough for handling anything more than a basic SoHo type network and as soon as you have lots of home automation devices all chattering on the network they tend to struggle. 

As we we are in the ‘best practices’ section of these forums, I will reiterate it is published best practice for any C4 dealer/installer never to use an ISP supplied router to run the network a C4 system is installed onto. Only in the very smallest and most basic single room systems would I ever consider not repacking an ISP router on a job.

Feel free to PM me if you would like to chat further.

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+1 for what Crustyloafer said. Yep ISP routers suck and should not be used as a main router within an AV system. Modem only the ISP router and use a Draytek or Unifi USG Router. I would not advise it as a DIY job though. If you want it done properly get a dealer involved. 

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