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Can you help me please?

I have MacBook Pro, VWFusion, Windows XP and Composer 1.7.

I don't connect to Director. When I chose "connect to : Director on Local Network" I don't see any Director.

IP Address of my computer is correct. Virtual Director is working OK.

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Ok, what is Virtual Mode?

Virtual mode allows you to program your system without being connected to the C4 controller. As Matt said, it is a feture f Composer Pro. The benefit is that I can start to build a project before I have the hardware.

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Sounds like you have hacked composer pro or if you’re a dealer I’d recommend posting on the control4 forums. There is more then just a network related issue :)


**Mental note, don't talk about virtual director on C4Forums** - Just kidding :cool:

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A. I Can Not See My Director When I Open Composer

Figure A-1

Solutions Index

1) This can be caused by several issues.

2) Open composer in virtual mode and go to tools-system manager.

a) Connect to your director.

B) On the right side pane under the status tab, verify that director has a green enabled status next to it.

c) Please enable it if it is not enabled.

d) Once enabled, exit Composer.

e) Wait several minutes.

f) Log back in using Composer.

g) The director IP address should then show up in the list of directors window when connecting to local director.

3) Verify that you have the same subnet address on your laptop as the director and the router.

Figure A-2

4) Make sure that MAC address filtering, IGMP filtering, or Spanning Tree Filtering, parental controls, or firewall is not enabled on the router or switch.

a) We require port 80 to be open on any router or layer 3 or 4 switches.

5) This may the result of a security application such as a firewall, virus protection suite, or other security oriented software.

a) Known offenders are:

i) “Zone Alarm”.

ii) “Norton Security (Worm Protection)”.

iii) “Microsoft Firewall”.

B) These programs will need to be disabled or have the settings changed to allow for our communication. You will need to contact the administrator of those programs for further configuration.

Figure A-3

6) Verify that the IP address that the controller is using is valid or reachable from your laptop.

a) From start-run, type ‘cmd’ and press enter.

B) A DOS box will open.

c) At that prompt enter ‘ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx <ip address>’ and press enter.

d) If you get replies it is a valid address.

e) If you get denials or destination host unreachable, please check the local network router to verify that it is seeing the controller and your laptop.

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This can also happen if you are running multiple wireless routers. This happened to me before. My cable modem is a Motorola as well as wireless. I then push in through Linksys switch and then the switch distributes to a Linksys WAN. By doing this my computer that is using the linksys is on a 192.168.1.XXX but my HC300 is on a 192.168.0.XXX. The solution is to asign your controller a static IP address and then when you are on your computer with composer point it the the static IP that you asigned. This solution hasn't failed me yet! Good Luck!

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