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A thank you to all the experienced av people


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Basically I just wanted to say thank you to all of you that help and give great advice on here!

And this is why I love tap talk and all you senior c4 programmers out there. Some of us on here are still pretty new with control 4 and still learning about the AV world, Like myself. I have been a state certified licence electrical contractor for over 20 years. Grew up in the family business and always stuck to 120 volts and up. Occasionally running some TV or phone lines and of course the doorbell and garage door sensors but mostly sticking to the higher voltage stuff. With the changing world a couple years ago I finally started dabbling in Low voltage and got into running networks and even the smalle home automation game. I started out with the simple wink systems and smart things but as my appetite grew so did my knowledge for more. I then crossed over and went to Clare controls And that's when everything kind of took off. Then got to offer monitored alarms and some small home automation. I wasn't satisfied and then I got into URC and really loved it but always wanted to do control 4. But honestly just did not have the time to leave my business for a week to go to training. Then the covid epidemic hit and training was offered live from your Home Office via Skype and TeamViewer. Well finally I got certified in C4 and have never looked back. It has opened up my business to another field and I still have so much to learn.

The point of this little epilogue is I really want to thank all of the people on here that take the time to answer some of our questions and really give us some good pointers. I know some of our newby questions are just that newbie questions but most of You guys on here Never be little us and make us feel stupid for the simple questions because I think a lot of you understood that you guys were there once before to. I love how I can come on to tap talk and sometimes ask the most basic questions and when I get the answer, and i am like " oh yeah that makes plenty of sense" and I probably already knew it all the way up to the indebt questions when you want to do some really cool programming or find an amazing driver.

So thank you to all Of you seniors techs, programmers and other professional av people out there. I don't speak for everyone but I think a lot of the newbies out there will agree, Thank you very much for all of your help!!!



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