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Control4 with Mitsubishi CityMulti


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From Mitsubishi website


It can work with Crestron. I am wondering if there is any development on Control4?

Another company called Intesis seems to have a gateway (Modbus) that can talk to City Multi and AMX, Crestron but not sure about Control4.

Anybody knows how Control4 can integrate with City Multi from Mitsubishi?


Thanks in advance,


Edit: with the link of intesis's

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Thanks Ryan,

So is there any workaround that can integrate the city Multi with control4?

How far is the IR/macro type drivers can integrate with Control4?

We just want to be able to set temperature point, on and off the AC, from the control4's gui (under the "comfort" zone).

Another thing, in this part of the world, there is nobody who use duct system. Split type is about 99%. If we have to move to split type, what level of integration we could do.



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The problem with IR and heating/cooling units is that IR only provides one way communication. I am sure you could teach Control4 to send the IR commands to the unit to make the changes, but the unit can't speak back to Control4. In other words, Control4 will not know if it is on heat or cool, what the current temp setting is, what the current temperature is, etc...

Would you be satisfied with being able to tell it to turn the temperature up one degree, if you couldn't tell what degree is was already set at?

Hopefully that makes sense. That is the challenge here...a unit like this really requires two way communication to work properly.

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