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Samsung IP Driver

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Those are commercial panels - the network settings may only be for the samsung control app for business, or be quite different in that it is for commercial display programs (is display the McD menu, ads, limited time offers etc).

If it does have the same protocol, driver from the same year should work, but you'll have to use a static IP and fill the ip in instead of SDDP

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On 5/5/2022 at 8:12 PM, jamesc4 said:

How would I know the last year model?

SAME year - you'll just have to figure out your TV's release date, then look up what models Samsung put out that same year - should be nothing Google can't find for you.

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PS, Control4 rarely brings out drivers for commercial panels (too little demand I guess), so you're not likely to find one in the database because of that.

Push comes to shove, if you have the original remote, you can always fall back on getting an IR driver built.

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Hi guys. I'm facing same problem to control a Samsung TV.

On Tv's Network Expert setting, IP Remote option is not there, but Power On with Mobile is ON.

All setting is done and driver properties showing the Wired MAC address.

On Action tab while trying to pair the Tv nothing happening on screen to allow for pairing.


Model Code: https://www.samsung.com/ae/tvs/uhd-4k-tv/tu8000-85-inch-crystal-uhd-4k-smart-tv-ua85tu8000uxzn/

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