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what other amplifiers are supported


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Well, there is the 4 zone C4 amp too! ;)

I don't think there is a supported list of 3rd party amps, but you can use them.

Yes, you can use 3rd party amps with Control4, but depending on the configuration, you may need to add a Matrix Audio Switch and deal with the limited volume adjustments that arise from that configuration.

I just reused an Elan and Russsound amp in a client install where we were ripping out Elan and replacing with Control4. We used a 8zone Control4 amp for the main rooms and used his old amps for the former subzones and secondary spaces.

It's simple with the Matrix Switch making the connections to all the amps. The only limitation is the way the Matrix switch adjusts volume in that configuration. If you use a Control4 amp you have 1% adjust ability for volume, but the 3rd party amps are line level only, so you are limited to 4% adjustments for volume on those. (The matrix is making the volume adjustments, prior to feeding the amp)

We were using them for secondary rooms as background sources, we could adjust the input gain and volume to get a good match but it's not as easy as using the C4 amps.

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As far as using the HTCs as interfaces to TV's, that will work, with a couple of reason why the HC-200 is a better choice (besides the HTC currently being discontinued):

1) The HC-200 is a thinner device, so it's easier to fit behind a TV

2) The HC-200 provides either an HD interface *or* an SD interface, the HTC will only provide an SD interface.


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