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Lutron Homeworks System changing keyapads to control4


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Hi Guys. question.

we have a project where the whole house is in lutron homeworks 8 Series. (picture of the controller attached)  we have like 16 keypads and they want to keep the Lutron modules and controller.

we have to integrate the homeworks with control4, but the keypads have to be removed.

can we use the same processor to power a control4 wireless keypad? i don't know if control 4 have a keypad that may be compatible. 

or we can have the electricians run a power 120 line to every keypad location and we just use the regular 120 wireless keypads?

then at the end we do the integration in control4 using the standard drivers.

whats the best practice here?




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The Homeworks processor can't run the Control4 keypads, wired or wireless.

You will (regardless of which Control4 keypads you get) need a Control4 controller, which will run the project, and where drivers for the Control4 keypads and to connect with the Lutron system will be installed.

If you use Control4 wired keypads, you would need a Control4 Bus Ethernet Gateway (and an Ethernet connection, of course), which could use the 4-wire Lutron wiring between the keypads and the Bus Ethernet Gateway.

Control4 wireless keypads would require just power and the Control4 controller.

I recommend you work with a Control4 dealer, as they would be more knowledgeable about the best way to proceed.


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Yes I've done the same thing where I replaced all of the Lutron homeworks keypads with Control4 wireless configurable keypads.  The KC120277 can run over 110 volt or low voltage (48v), so you can simply use the 2 power wires from the Lutron bus to power the Control4 wireless keypads and don't connect the 2 communication wires.  Works great.

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