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Triad V2 Matrix - Subwoofer cuts in and out


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Hello all,

I'm hoping that someone has experienced this issue before and has a fix.  I have a pair of speakers in my kitchen (output 7) that is paired with a subwoofer (output 8 ) in the matrix.  Output 8 is enabled as a sub output. My issue is that sometimes the subwoofer comes on (or not) and then after some time it will stop.  Some time later (random) will start up again.  I've tried 3 different subs and the same thing happens, therefore I've concluded that it can't be the sub.   Is this a another faulty matrix (my dealer replaced my V1 some time ago because of the same issue). 

This happens on multiple streaming services (Pandora, XM, Spotify).

Appreciate any thoughts.

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I've been seeing a similar if not the same issue on a v2 matrix. I have to go into the Triad dsp settings and disable/re-enable the 2.1, then it works again for some time. 

Were you able to determine a solution? I figure it's just a bug in the matrix firmware. 

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This would be something C4 tech support will need logs and more information on. If it is an issue with the device driver or firmware they will need a software fix not likely something that can be done from composer.


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