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How to connect up C4 matrix and AMP


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Hi, first of all apologies as I appreciate to many of you this is a really stupid question.

I am in the UK and C4 isn’t commonly used, I have a retailer but I am trying to take care of most of the labour myself to keep the cost down leaving them to just take care of the configuration.

I have;

C4- 16ZAMSV3-B 16x16 audio matrix 

C4 - AMP108 8 zone power amplifier

My question is quite simple, how do I connect this up? 

I have standard speaker cable coming into the comms cabinet. But from what I can see the matrix has male RCA input and male RCA output.

I assumed the speaker cable would go directly into the matrix input, and then an RCA between the output of the matrix and the input of the AMP, but if this is the case how do you terminate a standard speaker cable into a RCA? 

Or am I being thick, does the speaker cable go into the AMP and then onto the Matrix 2nd?

I would appreciate your help 🙏😊

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OK I'll bite.


It'll be:

Any SOURCES go to the matrix RCA inputs

Matrix RCA OUTPUTS go to RCA INPUTS on the amp

Amp SPEAKER outputs (these are phoenix style connectors so this could throw you off a bit i suppose) connect to the speaker wires going to the speakers.



3 hours ago, Jonnychurch28 said:

C4 isn’t commonly used

Nonsense, at least that in the UK it's particularly more or less than in EU or US/CAN.

There's PLENTY of UK users and dealers operating on these forums as well.


3 hours ago, Jonnychurch28 said:

I assumed the speaker cable would go directly into the matrix input

I'm trying to do this politely but... if you think a speaker cable goes to an INPUT on anything (ignoring speaker cable going to RCA...), are you really sure you should be doing this? Maybe a friend that knows a bit more about basic A/V that could come over for a Saturday to help and drink a few pints?

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