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Missing icons on Neeo


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I use a Neeo remote with a C4-EA5 (not V2).
Everything seems to work fine except the display of icons on the Neeo remote (Listen, Lights, Buttons, ...). Please, see attached picture.
I used to have a C4-EA3-V2 with which the Neeo remote worked very well.
The C4-EA5 controller is in version

Can you confirm that the Neeo remote control is compatible with a EA5 (non V2) controller ?
Do you have any idea what I can check?
The remote control has been reset without improvement.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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Additional clarifications :
- the Director version is and not (my finger ripped 🙂 )
- I can't choose the color warmth of HUE lamps via Neeo anymore (still possible with IOs applications)
- I have a multi-controller system (1 x EA5 + 1 x EA3-V2)
The display problem concerns the 'folder' icons.
The icons inside the 'folder' are all displayed correctly
Thank you for your help

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Hello everybody,
after discussing with control4 support, here are the steps to recover the icons:

Quick Action
Remove the Neeo remote driver and the remote hub driver.
Reboot Controller.
Power off the Neeo remote and wait for the controller to come back on line.
Hold the mute button and power on the Neeo to enter bootloader
 Select  the menu option (update manager) and follow the steps on the remote.
Follow the first time user experience to add the Neeo back to the project and room.


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