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two audio processors for a single Room Show Room


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Hi hope all you guys are doing great. this may be a weird question.

i a m building a show room. in that theater room  i will have two processors.

1 x Antem AVM70


1 x Storm ISP Elite MK3


total the speakers in that room will be a 7.2.2 Atmos System.

what i want to do is have both of them connected and switch to either processor when needed without having to disconnect any wires. i am using those processors just for the audio.

the video is going into a separate way.  we are using Control4 in that room for control.

is there any device out there we can use for that purpose?  like an xlr audio switcher.

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This really has two parts to it:

First is, you're connecting two processors to the same set op speakers. Yes there are XLR speaker switches out there, though not all use XLR connectors Douk Audio has a 2 channel one that has IR control at least, but for your setup you'd need a lot of them. It'll add up to an easy $1200 that way. There may be more out there mind you.


Second, control over which amplifier is doing volume etc. For a demo room, I'd simply create a standard two room setup for this. I'd even suggest having two remotes, each set to either room. Then you could program a shortcut button to switch the balanced speaker switches.


If you're setting up a demo room like this I assume I won't have to warn you against using line level (microphone) xlr cables in this setup......

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You might want to see if Sonifex has a solution. I do something similar to what you describe, but in a mastering environment. I use the rb-pmx4 as a "fixed mixer" to feed 9 inputs to 3 outputs (all balanced xlr, and a mix between consumer and pro gear gain on the ins). It's a set and forget device, sonically transparent. 

Im not sure if they offer something larger to handle 11 outs (or you could use 3 of them for 30 in and 12 out) but it may be worth talking with them. They have lots of good "problem solving" gear and the quality is excellent.

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