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Chowmain - Ryse Smart Shades Driver


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Chowmain releases RYSE smart shades driver for Control4.

RYSE develops innovative window covering solutions that blend intelligence with simplicity. RYSE SmartShade is an affordable and easy way to motorize your window shades. Using beautiful design and innovative software, SmartShades is a smart device that lets you easily control and schedule when your shades open and close, making your home more comfortable and secure. You’ll never have to touch your window shades again.

RYSE SmartShades is an upgrade for the blinds and shades you already own and love. Simply attach it to your blind’s chain or cord loop to transform them into smart blinds. Installation couldn’t be simpler and it only takes a few minutes.

RYSE SmartShades works with any window covering that uses a looped beaded chain or continuous cord loop. From roller shades to vertical blinds, regardless of brand or size.

Driver Features

  • Up / Down / Position control of blinds
  • One-Click AutoSetup of blinds
  • Easily display Gateway information including: Firmware, Hardware Revision
  • Easily Display and Variables for each Blind including: Hardware Revision, Firmware, Battery Level, Serial, Position, Power Type, Blind Position
  • Easily Notify of Low battery level of blinds.


What cool things can I do with this driver?

  • Open, Close and Set Position of Blinds using Control4
  • Schedule blinds to open and close automatically using programming
  • Get notifications via 4Sight when battery is low

Is Internet Required to use this driver?

This driver uses local LAN for control. Internet is not required.

What Hardware is Required?

You must have a RYSE SmartBridge to use this driver and stable LAN connection.

Auto-Setup is not operating correctly

Ensure you are running OS 3.3.2 or later.

Where can i find out more about RYSE?

You can find out more about RYSE products via the RYSE website: https://www.helloryse.com

How do we know when the battery level is low?

The driver pulls in the battery level information as a variable. For simple programming and display we recommend utilising the Chowmain Battery Indicator driver.

I want to try this driver out before buying it?

All Chowmain drivers for Control4 come with a 90 day trial.

How do I find out more information about the driver?

Please see the links below for more information about the driver.

Driver Link


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