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Tracking Power On/Off

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I'm trying to create a modified experience button that tracks whether a device is still selected in multiple rooms.  For example, the system tracks whether a source is in use in multiple rooms and issues the OFF command when the last room turns off.  I'd like to get access to that and provide feedback as to whether the device is IN USE or not.  Client has multiple Squeezebox players and I've given him a two icon solution.  I'm using a DVD IR drive with discreet on/off codes and an experience button with custom graphics.  The DVD driver selects each Squeezebox and sets a variable with the on/off state.  The experience button state change is set via the variable.  I'd love to combine these into a single button.  It would be especially nice if selecting the source didn't flip to a DVD control page that has no relation to the Squeezebox.  Ideally it would be a modified UI button that selects the Squeezebox, does no page flip, and changes the icon to indicate IN USE or not.  Any ideas?  If I use a standard UI button, the system doesn't track the in use state and I'm forced to use an enormous conditional that tests whether the device is in use every time a room selects an audio source (see attached image).  I'm also attaching a couple of drivers I've attempted to create.  I can find my way around an XML file, but without any formal LUA training I'm not sure if there are better ways to approach this.

Logitech If statement.png

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Pressing the Sessions button on most interfaces will tell you what is being used and where.  Using the Source Pooling driver takes care of selecting 'the next available device'.

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Again, I appreciate that.  I've spoken with the client about several ways to see what is playing where, but with 14 rooms in the main house and 5 rooms in the ADU, he'd rather have a visual representation of things he can favorite to the main screen.  I've managed to accomplish that using the two icon configuration, but I was hoping to find a more elegant solution if one is even possible.  I don't know if it's possible to dynamically change the source icon to show in use or not, but that's what I'm trying to accomplish.  Thanks :-).

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