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  1. The driver should normally restart the timer to its full duration if a new motion is sensed while the timer is already running. Please open a support ticket on DriverCentral so we can properly investigate this. Paul
  2. NYCE motion sensors often do not have a CONTACT_SENSOR connection and require you to use programming to trigger the Advanced Lighting Timer ('When Motion Sensor senses motion -> Activate Contact n'). How are you doing this in your specific setup ? Also, the best place to start is to set EASY CONFIG to 'Motion Sensor...' this sets the important properties. Specifically, 'End Function' should be set to 'Full Duration after Contact is Reversed'. Paul
  3. Announcing a new driver from Domosapiens ** CONTROL BLINDS DIRECTLY FROM ADVANCED LIGHTING SCENES ** This Advanced Lighting Extender driver is used to directly control blinds, relays and simulate contacts from Advanced Lighting Scenes, providing powerful new capabilities to Control4 Advanced Lighting. You may control this driver’s virtual light in Scenes et use it to control a Target Blind, setting it to the same level as the light (several options are provided). This works both ways and a blind movement via its own driver will be captured by this driver and the virtual light level will be modified accordingly. Relays may also be used to control other types of devices and Contacts may trigger other drivers in the project. The driver is available on DriverCentral at Advanced Lighting Extender
  4. When a scene is to be activated, its light levels take precedence.
  5. Yes, exactly. There is an Action 'Print Simulation Report' which summarizes what will happen at various times during the day.
  6. Actually, with the Advanced Lighting Timer, you can do this with one Light On Level specification: D+45=0%,N-45=50%,N+60=95% When using D/N ((Daytime and Nighttime) in the specification, view this as a continuous circular specification. From 45 minutes after sunrise (D+45), the light will not come on (0%). From 45 minutes before sunset (N-45) to 60 minutes after sunset (N+60), the light will come on at 50% (or whatever you want). From 60 minutes after sunset, the light will come on at 95% until the next time specified in a circular way, which is D+45 (45 minutes after sunrise). Using 95% instead of 100% is barely noticeable, but it allows the user to override the timer by turning the light ON manually, which is usually 100%. Paul
  7. The driver supports this as tested by @BY96
  8. When you have a single Selector button, multi taps are not supported, as it would defeat the purpose. When you have several selector buttons, I believe each supports multiple taps and appropriate events are triggered. Please verify, just in case. Paul
  9. @BY96 The Keypad Enhancer driver has events which are triggered when a Selector becomes active (1, 2, 3, ...). These events are at the very bottom of the list in Programming.
  10. @BY96The Keypad Audio Control driver does have the ability to associate the Up/Down keys to other buttons than the Selector button. Look in the driver's documentation, in the section KEYPAD TRACKING. This was introduced in V11.0.0. The current version is 11.0.4. Paul
  11. Unfortunately not. There is no way for the Keypad Enhancer driver to be notified of changes in the physical keypad.
  12. If you set the button type to 'N', you may use the Single/Double/Triple taps (based on the 'MultiPress Used' property) as well as Press and Hold (and even Double and Triple Press and Hold). The appropriate events will be triggered. The 'H' button type is used when you want a different paradigm: two actions on a button (Single Tap or Press and Hold) to trigger two different events. Folks coming to Control4 from Vantage are used to these two actions on a same button.
  13. Actually, you could trick this by connecting the driver’s button 5 to another button on the physical keypad…
  14. This driver has been designed as a front end to the Control4 Room Control driver. It is therefore intended to manage a single room, but it may be connected to more than one keypad in that room. There is also the possibility to 'capture' audio from another room and listen to it in the driver's designated room. We do have another driver (Keypad Enhancer) which supports pressing both Up/Down buttons with related Events. This driver also has many other functions, such as a selector capability. You could likely do what you want to do with a combination of the Keypad Enhancer driver, the Control4 Room Control driver and some programming.
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