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  1. Text messages are sent via the Control4 infrastructure. That could have had a temporary problem. Glad all is up again.
  2. Somfy has a full line of motors and control devices which provide 2-way control. For this, you should contact Somfy directly. As for dry contact generic motors, it becomes a matter of reliability and support from the manufacturer.
  3. The driver handles dry contact motors in a relatively standard way: an 'UP' contact, a "DOWN' contact and a 'STOP' contact. In addition, Somfy allows closing both 'UP' and 'DOWN' at the same time to signify 'STOP' instead of using the separate 'STOP' contact. This is also supported as an option. The timing model in the driver should allow for % open/closed. If your generic motors can work with a 400ms pulse for 'UP', 'DOWN' and 'STOP', you should be OK. I hope this helps.
  4. Hi 1. This driver works very well with OS 3.0 2. No other parts needed. The driver will connect with one of the 3 myLinks which will, in turn communicate with the other 2. 3. Yes. Other benefits: the main benefit is the % model. I hope this helps.
  5. All our drivers on DriverCentral are enabled for LuaJIT. This happens automatically if you are on the latest version and you update to OS 3.0.
  6. Yes, ever since I found this bug on Saturday. Went back and forth with C4 during the Memorial Day weekend to try and pinpoint the issue, as it occurred only recently. I’m glad that C4 were able to resolve this quickly, but it was very stressful to imagine all the projects running the driver not being able to upgrade ! In any case, this is now behind us and we can concentrate our efforts on all the good stuff in OS 3.0. Sincere thanks to all for your patience and understanding. Paul Biron
  7. All the Domosapiens drivers available on DriverCentral are now JIT-enabled to benefit from this new execution environment under OS 3.0. Either Auto Update or download the most recent versions. Paul Biron
  8. Our driver covers essentially all RTS controllers with motion simulation (%open/closed). It supports groups and offers a lot of flexibility in configurations. The main RTS controllers you could use are: myLink (the newest in the group), URTSI II and the RS485 RTS transmitter (popular in Europe). It has a 7-day free trial period.
  9. Our Somfy driver, available on driverCentral, fully supports the RS485 RTS transmitter and includes the new blind interface available since OS 2.9.
  10. All the Sinope thermostat drivers use the new Navigator interface, including presets and schedule.
  11. Yes, it does, for each button of the keypad. The driver has a property to specify if you are using double or triple taps anywhere. If so, the driver will ensure that the single tap event is not triggered if you do a double tap (there will be a small delay). Similarly, single and double will not be triggered if you do a triple tap.
  12. Have a look at our Keypad Enhancer driver on driverCentral (Domosapiens). It adds several capabilities to a C4 keypad, such as: MultiPress & Hold, 8th virtual button, mutually exclusive events, Keypad lockout, Up/Down Selector, LED Color and Blinking.
  13. The dealer cost has just been revised. MSRP is now $55 USD.
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