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Connecting Heater with MODBUS Control to Control4


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Hi All,

My client has recently had a pool installed and has requested that we add it to Control4. The heater can be controlled using MODBUS and I was wondering how we could use this to control4 it via the Control4 system. I have attached the heater and the MODBUS setup for reference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks All,



Heater Modbus setup 2.jpg

Heater Modbus setup.jpg

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There is, in fact, a Modbus driver which will allow you to control this (assuming you understand the Modbus protocol).  The driver was originally developed by Yatun and is now sold and supported by HopSoft.  It is an extremely powerful driver and can literally control (and get feedback) from anything that uses Modbus.  Two warnings... It is not that easy to use (read: it is not for the faint hearted).  It is not cheap (US$500 from memory).

The driver is available on driver central.

I have used this driver to link numerous devices that use Modbus (a generator, an eGauge unit, a solar inverter and battery setup, a couple of heat pumps etc.) to my control4 system at both my holiday house and my primary residence and have been blown away by how much flexibility this driver / the Modbus protocol provides.  

Full disclosure: I have only used the Yatun version of the driver (no longer sold) but my dealer has upgraded me to HopSoft one recently and I am told that it is more user friendly than the original Yatun (beast).  Furthermore, I have always used an IP connection but note that the driver has an RS232 option which you will need to use in your application.  You will need an IO Extender or a controller with an RS232 connector close to the heat pump in order to control it.  

There are other ways of controlling the heat pump.  The way I use at my main residence is a pool control system (Pentair in my case) which links to Control4 and the Pentair system controls the heatpump by overriding the flow-switch to allow / request heat / deny heat. 

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