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I just got my hands on a Zidoo media player. It seems not all my movies scanned properly, as I cannot view certain movies from the Poster Wall section. All my movies are accessible from the Media Center File Manager. I’ve been able to get some movies added to the Poster wall section by playing around and changing the file name. However this has not worked for certain titles and it still won’t add to the Poster Wall Section. Does anyone have any tricks to get the movies added to the Poster wall that did not get added during the initial scan of your HHD? Any help would be appreciated 

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I would suggest you go to the Zidoo Forum (http://forum.zidoo.tv/index.php) or even AVSForums (https://www.avsforum.com/threads/zidoo-2023-rtd1619bpd-z9x-pro-z20-pro-z2000-pro-z2600-uhd5000-thread.3276599/page-28#post-62874660) for Zidoo related questions that are not related to C4 and Zidoo specifically. 

However, when you are done scanning your movies, there is a folder on the Home Page called "Unmatched." It will contain all your unmatched movies. Do a search here with fewer words in the title and all the similar options will appear. Chose the one that is correct and the Zidoo will do the rest. 

If you have found the Unmatched folder, and still cannot get some movies to be identified, I suggest joining the Zidoo Forum I linked above and asking there. People will know tricks for improving the search. I know with Zappiti, you could use the "official" code number for the movie from IMDB, but I am not sure that works with Zidoo. 

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