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  1. i little bit offtopic, but anyidea to transport audio to them without to much delay? TV, Youtube and so on..
  2. maybe you can shere your driver later if you don´t want to sell it. It would help my to develope my own driver for my spa. (wich i would deliver for free)
  3. Wireless game controller range is not very long. I dont think that this will be a good ideal. The video can be shared with your c4 matrix. But i dont think that the endresult makes sense
  4. get a 4k diva from hdfury and use them as ambilight (stripes need to replaced)
  5. - Make sure that the room(s) that the driver is available in show a valid audio route for the minidriver (this is required for passthrough mode to work). Note: If there is no valid audio path, after selecting the minidriver, you will not be able to control the media player/TV. Confirm you have a valid audio path by selecting the room in System Design and verifying audio path is yes for each minidriver.
  6. i also got a bunch of ipads with this battery problem. on newer ipads this problem is solved. if c4 would add a screensaver to the andoird/ios app, i would recommend to go for that. t3 is totally outdated and sluggish slow.
  7. heavy prices for an android 10" device with fullhd display 🙄
  8. i think this is what you are searching for : Page 6: Controlling C4 from 3rd party devices https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5305718de4b0e8a52d75a8cc/t/5f1516a006a2aa412302d8b8/1595217652709/Chowmain+-+Generic+TCP+Command+Driver+Installation+Guide.pdf please remind: a dealer needs to setup specific functions to make it available for your 3rd party applications
  9. maybe mo ip fits your needs. pro: you can scale the resolution to each output device. con: most devices only go for 4k30hz instead of 18gbit hdmi Got a scenario where only one device can´t handle 18gbit hdmi. So i reduced the output resolution from 4k60hz 4:4:4 to 4k30hz with a hdfury scaler hdmi 18gbit matrix in background for video distribution
  10. Tile works by BLE (bluetooth). There is no official API for that. There is an inofficial one, but you can only fetch latest lat and long positions. i think this is not what you are searching for
  11. Kaas Mayer

    Speed is life

    I cant tell my clients that they need to upgrade to a ca10, because of faster connection speeds.. I dont know how communication inside c4 works, but i dont know any other smarthome that needs so much time for the connection.
  12. Kaas Mayer

    Speed is life

    iOS ~15 sec Android ~8 sec did anyone notice a connection speed difference between ea1/ea3/ea5?
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