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  1. meh. first ios14 beta was out in june. no surprise here.. same procedure as every year
  2. Whole virtualcedia experience is aweful. 99% of the stuff is copy+paste from the company websites. No suprising news at all..
  3. What kind of scenario are you searching for? You need to wake up the car for getting and sending updates. If you do this frequently, it will drain the battery Would be better to do updates on request
  4. Thanks for your help. I´ve used the universal mini drivers from c4 together with the sony tv driver. I solved the problem now. Shame on me! Audio path was not set correctly, after replacing the tv in the room. 🙈 now everything works again. So, the bug is not software based. Its more a problem in front of the pc
  5. Having problems with the mini universal apps for the newest Sony tv series. (AG9) When i choose a mini driver, the tv switches to the selected source (eg. netflix/amazon video) but the remote is ignoring any further input. Volume control is still working on the tv, but it seams that the driver did not understand that he still needs to control the sony tv as endpoint in the mini driver mode. I need to switch back to the "sony tv" as source and the remote is working again. i can debug the driver but the keypress is not visible in the log. is there anyway to tell the minidriver that he needs so use the tv as a endpoint for the remote controls?
  6. Yes. I know, sadly! Most of my problems belong to knx and c4. 😆 btw: your driver is not encrypted. That helps me to get a better idea how drivers in c4 work aswell. 😎
  7. RyanE, you´re the best! Thanks a lot for this driver. i did expect a "thats not possible", instead of making a new driver for that. 😘
  8. hey guys i want to fetch the artist of a music track or the name of the source from a specific zone. This text should be send to the KNX Bus. i can see that the name of the zone is inside the room variables but it´s xml formatted. is there a way to fetch these specific values or reformat the xml string to the values i like to have?
  9. Light scenes are fair enough for the neeo. But Smarthome Apps should have such basic functions.
  10. Every smarthome i know, has this native. Execpt c4 🙄
  11. Very confusing. Its 2020 and C4 still don´t have a RGBW Colorwheel. This is very frustrating for any client.. Every stupid 100$ smarthome system does this better
  12. tcp:// off command: \xAA\x11\xFE\x01\x00\x10 on command: \xAA\x11\xFE\x01\x01\x11 hdmi 1: \xAA\x14\xFE\x01\x21\x34 hdmi2: \xAA\x14\xFE\x01\x23\x36 hdmi3: \xAA\x14\xFE\x01\x31\x44 Way more commands are listed here: https://support.justaddpower.com/kb/article/245-samsung-rs232-control-rs232c/ Make sure that u have activated remote control in the tv settings. Let me know if you need help with that The following driver might do the magic aswell: http://www.chowmainsoft.com/generic-tcp-command
  13. what functions are you trying to use? If its just on/off. i am might able to help you out with the TCP commands for the signage line from samsung
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