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  1. tcp:// off command: \xAA\x11\xFE\x01\x00\x10 on command: \xAA\x11\xFE\x01\x01\x11 hdmi 1: \xAA\x14\xFE\x01\x21\x34 hdmi2: \xAA\x14\xFE\x01\x23\x36 hdmi3: \xAA\x14\xFE\x01\x31\x44 Way more commands are listed here: https://support.justaddpower.com/kb/article/245-samsung-rs232-control-rs232c/ Make sure that u have activated remote control in the tv settings. Let me know if you need help with that The following driver might do the magic aswell: http://www.chowmainsoft.com/generic-tcp-command
  2. what functions are you trying to use? If its just on/off. i am might able to help you out with the TCP commands for the signage line from samsung
  3. The App URL for os3 is: control4v3:// But i dont know if there is a deep linking for rooms and so on.
  4. felt like the neeo need a little bit extra power under the hood. but its not a KO criterion. i still like it a lot
  5. checked this thread today, to check when this feature will be available and figured out, that it is already. So grapped my neo and give it a try. awesome! Sliders are a little bit chunky but i think i need change the sr260 to neeos
  6. i lately saw that the new sony tvs have a "control4" option in the network settings, but i canĀ“t find what this option is made for. I saw that there is no difference between turning it on or off. Normal sony c4 drives used the pre defined keys and are working like a charm. ssdp also also working. any ideas?
  7. DisneyPlus Minidriver for IRUSB attached maybe someone can use that. amazonfire_irusb_disneyplus.c4z
  8. Is it still alive? Is there a c4 driver available? Made a python driver with works with the latest version of the balboa version. I also got pump 3 controlled, which was mentioned by @swissboy22. My knowledge in c4i driver creation is limited. But i can help to set this project up again.
  9. I had some non c4 Neeos before and i like the c4 neeo aswell. (got one) but there is still so much potential left for this device.
  10. Its right now not possible to add rooms to the actual Zone, like sr260. Am i right?
  11. Hey Guys, i made a driver for the HDMI Matrix from foxun wich i attached here. The driver works, so feed free to use it. I just have a small issue, where you might can help me. Each HDMI Output has a seperate coax Audio output. The audio outputs are connected to an audio matrix in the connection tab. But c4 does not understand, that the audio output belongs the the hdmi output. So when i switch from an analoge audio source to a video source, the audio input does not switch in the audio matrix. i made a seperate programming, but this is more a dirty workaround. i would like to understand if there is a better solution. Is there a way to combine the "Hdmi Output Video Endpoint" with the "DIGITAL_COAX" Output? Driver is for the following matrix: http://www.foxun.com/product_detail_1215.html avswitch_FoxUN_HDMI 8x8 SX-MX11.c4i
  12. EDIT: problem solved. was a mistake by myself. please delete this.
  13. hey guys, the dreambox has a nice webinterface but i would like to import that to c4. is there any way to do that automatical or do i need to set every channel by myself with image and channel number?
  14. hey guys, i want to combine a KNX Dimmer with the "CURRENT_VOLUME" variable from a tv. I also want to receive the actual volume from the tv and send it back to the dimmer value. for example if you use the tv remote. So i set in the Programming of the KNX Dimmer: "when KNX Dimmer level changes -> set TV -> CURRENT_VOLUME_LEVEL to the value of KNX Dimmer -> LIGHT_LEVEL" and the tv: "when the variable TV -> CURRENT_VOLUME_LEVEL changes -> SET KNX DImmer -> LIGHT_LEVEL to the value of TV -> CURRENT_VOLUME_LEVEL" is this way correct? Because it works in one direction if i only set one script. if i set both scripts, it stopped working.
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